Jamaican Police Beat old woman?

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A 77-year-old woman has made a report to the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) claiming that she was recently assaulted and beaten at church by her church sister who is a policewoman.

Violet Whyte claimed she is still amazed at what took place and is seeking answers. A representative from INDECOM's Manchester office confirmed that a probe has begun into the alleged incident.

Allegations are that the incident took place on September 14 at The Harry Watch Seventh-day Adventist Church in Manchester, after a heated discussion between Whyte and the policewoman over a teenage girl's decision to wear earrings to church.

The teenager lives with Whyte, who did not object to her wearing the jewellery to church.However, the policewoman is reported to have disapproved and reprimanded the teen.

Whyte reportedly came to the child's defence telling the cop she is almost an adult and is free to make a decision to wear the earrings.

During the heated discourse, Whyte claims she was attacked. "She just came up to me and said 'Old woman, old woman, you can tek lick?" Whyte claimed.

The senior citizen, who reported the incident at the Cottage Police Station in Manchester, further alleged that she was grabbed, hit in the neck and punched in her face and back. "I have my handbag around my shoulder and my Bible in my hand, and I used it to hit her in her head and the Bible dropped," she said.

Whyte said she later realised that her mouth was bleeding. "A man saw and said 'My God, what is this in the churchyard," Whyte claimed.

The elderly woman said she is still surprised she was attacked as she had no idea the dialogue she was having would escalate to that. "I don't know why she did it because she and I never had anything before ... Boi I tell you, I don't know," she said.