Whitmore Fired for poor performance... YAAY Jamaica!

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Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) president, Captain Horace Burrell, has told reporters that although dismissed head coach Theodore Whitmore tried "his endeavour best" he could not keep his job because of the poor performance of the Reggae Boyz on the road to Rio for the 2014 World Cup.

At a press conference a short while ago, Burrell said following last night's 2-0 loss to Honduras, he had a meeting with Whitmore at 0100 hours in Tegucigalpa.

"Following that meeting, coach Whitmore took the decision to tender his resignation," Burrell said.

According to Burrell, the string of poor performances by the national team demands action. 

"A coach's tenure depends on the results. Admittedly, the results over the past months have not been good and hence I have, without any reservation, accepted coach Whitmore's resignation," he said.

However, Burrell has seemingly not closed the door on Whitmore.

"Coach Whitmore has gained tremendous experience and there are other areas in which that experience can be used. But as it relates to the Reggae Boyz team coach Whitmore has resigned as the head coach and will resign from that unit," he said.

Montesso's role

Asked about the role of technical director Afredo Motessso, Burrell said it will take a few days before a decision is made.

"The technical committee and the JFF, in the next few days, will be discussing this matter as high priority," he said, in reference to the way forward following Whitmore's fallout.

In the meantime, Burrell says Jamaica still has a chance to qualify for the World Cup finals from the group of six teams.

"We're still in the qualifying, we still have in place the management staff and we will not want to dismantle the aggregation there," he said.

"All is not lost, there is still hope. Though it may be considered slim we still have a chance and will ask the public to continue supporting the programme."