Tommy Lee signs three females to his Guzu Musiq label!

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Tommy Lee Sparta has officially launched his own dancehall team called the Spartan Army and a recording label, Guzu Musiq.

"Mi a build a Spartan Army right now. It important to have yuh own thing to add more to what yuh personally have out there. The label is Guzu Musiq and we sign four artistes, Jimbo Sparta, Destiny Sparta them a represent fi Montego Bay, as well as Stylish and Tabeta Cshae," Tommy Lee said. Well, Charley did have him three Angels don't? Three real bad gyal. Yuh nuh watch the movie? A suh dem three girl yah bad. Mi can't wait fi di world see them. When the video drop next week yuh will see wah a de pree," Tommy Lee says people have been asking to book his artistes.

"Request a come in fi dem already and we just a do production wi nuh reach promotion yet. The song weh name Di Creature the video a premiere in a few days. It a get a whole heap a attention since it drop. Mi three Spartan Angel them have a song on the same Creature rhythm too, and it name Real Bad Gyal it a shot same speed. The video fi dat shoot too so it's gonna be another Spartan summer," he said.

For Destiny Sparta, her experience of being in the Spartan Army has been outstanding so far.

"It's a very good experience. Tommy Lee and I have been friends for years and nothing nuh change, he is always humble. The new members are like family and Tommy Lee is real hands on. He is in the studios with us most of the time to ensure that we are comfortable and happy," Destiny said.

Tommy Lee is booked to perform at Sumfest on dancehall night.
Tommy Lee Ft. Destiny Tabeta & Stylish - Real Bad Gyal (Raw) - Di Creature Riddim - June 2013