Jamaican Man cheats on Girlfriend with a Male!

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The picture showing the contents of an x-rated email sent from the employee of a popular local company to his gay lover has been making its rounds online. The email, dated May 7, was captured in the form of a photograph which also shows the name and logo of the company along with the employee's name and position at the company.

The explicit email speaks about the employee having unprotected sex with his male counterpart and also shows the response of his lover who compares the experience to that of a named woman.

It is unclear who took the picture of the email and how the details of the steamy affair got into the public's domain.

The correspondence begins with the employee stating in the email; "I really enjoyed ... u and I (am) daydreaming about it constantly ... simply amazing .... the highest feeling ever, plus the skin to skin made me .... so quick .... can't wait for the next round."

In response to the personal message, his male lover wrote from a personal email address, "Hurt but i'll be ok ... If you never had basketball I would soooooo ... Now I really know I'm ...... than (name of woman)."

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