Bunting wants to send artistes/producers to prison for recording violent music! WTF

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Dancehall duo Twin of Twins, Dr Cooper and King Jammys have firmly defended Jamaican music in light of National Security Minister Peter Bunting's goal to send artistes and producers to prison for producing songs with violent content.

"They just keep going and going against the music. The Government should clean up their governing body, the dirty politics and how they run this country. They should clean up the 'wild-wild west' attitude they instilled in the people through political warfare and stop using the music as a scapegoat, because that is what is going on. Music is not the element of society that is not paying the teachers and nurses, music is not the element of society that is enforcing wage freezes on hardworking people, music is not responsible for unemployment ... in fact, it reduces that. Music does not control the ports through which guns are allowed to run freely and music is not responsible for the corrupt police. Once again, they are using ignorance to make their decisions. The music is a mirror of society. What you get from the music is what you put in, and if you break the mirror the problem will still exist. The music can only be cleaned if society is clean. To me, this is mostly a cultural difference between the lower class and upper class, and at present, many Jamaicans are not seen as being important if they don't have the right last name," Curly Lox said.

University of the West Indies professor, Carolyn Cooper, says not every song is intended to be violent.

"One of my issues is that some of the very violent-sounding music is not meant literally. Sometimes when we use language it is not always literal. For example, if somebody says 'kill yu wid it', would that be something that is banned? We have to be cautious of how we take things literally," she said, and a similar sentiment was shared by King Jammys who said.

"It all depends; if the music is influencing a bad thing, I am not in support of it. But at the same time, some things shouldn't be taken literal. When I say I am going to kill you with music, you can stand up in front the sound box and nobody nah guh dead. But if a man seh him a guh kill yu with a gun or a knife I don't support that," King Jammys said.

Also fighting against the music is Senator Dr Christopher Tufton who said the Government should consider enacting laws to counter the influence of popular culture in promoting crimes such as lottery scamming.

He also drew example with Vybz kartel's song Scamming, a song which was produced long after scamming was popular in Jamaica.

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