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Caribbean Housewives reality show, to mimic Basketball Wives!!

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A new reality show is being created featuring the Caribbean region, at the same time mimicking the American Basketball Wives. Reality TV is apparently the new money puller for commercial television and the Caribbean is seeking to get a bite out of that market, following in the footsteps of international cable stations like MTV and VH1.

The Caribbean reality series will be called Caribbean wives and was produced to feature Caribbean wives living in South Florida and across the states, raising families, balancing marriage, career/business, living the American Dream and trying to fit in with their obvious cultural difference.

Maxine J. Tulloch, the Executive Producer says the show will be entertaining and boost Caribbean entertainment. She also says the casting will be authentic, which will go against the practice by Hollywood playwrights to use American actors to mimic Caribbean accents and resulting in a product which exhumes fakeness.

The show will be available via TMC which is one of Florida's most innovative and diverse media production provider. TMC production normally focuses on reaching Caribbean nationals residing in the USA, Canada, UK and the Caribbean Islands.


Reggae Sumfest 2018


Reggae Sumfest 2018