JB sparks US label interest with 'She knows it'

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Independent music labels in the United States have begun to show interest in a young Jamaican singer, J.B aka Jamaican Boy who hails from the East Orange area of New Jersey. Born in Jamaica, he grew up in the Central Jamaica region before migrating to the US.

"I always stayed true to my Jamaican roots, but I combine it with my own interpretation of pop and R & B music which I also grew up listening to," JB explained.

A versatile artiste, JB has experimented with various genres of music, but he also conceptualizes his songs from start to finish, creating all of his melodies. He has logged several hours in the studio honing his craft. JB's considerable skills afforded him the opportunity to work with Treach from Naughty by Nature.

Moreover, the rap legend granted J.B. an opening performance on one of his overseas gigs and the two artistes are now developing a song together.

"It's a great look, being able to bounce ideas off a legend like Treach has meant a lot to me in my career so far," he said.

Several of J.B.'s songs have received local radio play through various stations including Roadblock, Seton Hall College, Elite, Street 96, and Caribbean Zone.

Recently, Galavia Entertainment & Media L.L.C. released its first commercial music video entitled "She Knows It" performed by J.B and featuring Shane Springs. The video has generated over 20,000 views on youtube and the early feedback has been encouraging with several A & R representatives from independent labels in the United States expressing interest in the youngster.

"Right now, I am just putting in the work. I came to Jamaica and spent a few weeks to recharge my batteries and now I am heading back to New Jersey and straight to the studio to put in some more work.
The video continues to garner local and regional attention, yet only marks the beginning of what is sure to become a long and prosperous career for an artist who has had to overcome much adversity throughout his early life.

"What doesn't destroy you in life, only makes you stronger," the young man said.

Without question, J.B's persistence and perseverance will earn him a reputation as not only an artist, but an individual who is dedicated to what he does and loves most - music.