Hi-Moore impresses with 'Go gor my goal'

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Ultra-talented rookie reggae singer Hi Moore is generating a major buzz in the local music industry with a brilliant new song called 'Go For My Goal' which is blowing up all over FM radio.

Born Claude Ansine, but more popularly known as Hi-Moore, this young man initially got his exposure to performing while attending the Merlene Ottey High School in Hanover.

After graduating, he decided to devote his interest to music full time, and that decision is already paying dividends with his song added to playlists at major radio stations in Jamaica. . Hi-Moore hails from the Papine/Tavern area of Kingston where he lived with his father, a taxi driver and his mother, a factory worker. He grew up with two brothers and two sisters and started attending Papine High for one year before he was sent to Hanover to live with his father's parents in 1988.

"It was a ghetto vibes in Tavern, and although I came from that environment, I had most of my family down this side, so I got to meet and unite with the family and the country, start to go rivers, springs and work on my grandfather's farm, and mi connect with the soil certain way..it was a joy, mi never used to that life," he said:

"By knowing the country and town, I got a balance, life is a balance, and I met rastafarians in the country, who taught me about African consciousness and that affected my music," he said. 

He returned to town to life with one of his aunts in Seven Miles, Bull Bay, and learned the Boboshanti principle and order. At age 19, Hi-Moore attended a stage show in Waterhouse, and impressed the patrons. He recorded his first song in 1999 for Christopher James on the Jammys label, entitled "Black Woman of the Century". Well-known songwriter Black Pearl also gave him a lot of support.

One year later, he recorded "Touched by an Angel" for Lloyd James on the Jammy's label, but neither songs were released and he decided to leave.

He continued to hone his skills as a live performer, building a solid reputation for his smooth vocals and charismatic performances in the areas of Shooter's Hill, Harbour View, Rockfort and Seven Miles area. He went to Montego Bay to live and hooked up with the Dangazone camp. He recorded a song called "Captivate My Mind" on the Perilous riddim which enjoyed moderate rotation on radio. However, things did not work out as planned and he took a break from the business in order to provide financial support to his family.

"Mi start juggle and sell clothes in Montego Bay, that's why my most of my songs are about hustling. Mi never give up, always maintain, one day, mi muss crack the ice...that's why mi say pursue yu dreams," he said.

But still, music beckoned to him and he continued to write, and finetune his music skills. Now, he's back doing what he loves.

Presently, Hi-Moore's latest release entitled "Go for My Goal" has been enjoying excellent airplay on at IRIE FM, HITZ, LINKS and BESS FM. Recorded as a tribute to the wonderful exploits of the Jamaican athletic team during the recent Olympic games and successful go-getters who accomplish their goals, the single has established Hi Moore as an act to watch.

"I have got a great response to this song, it ah play hard on IRIE, when people, old and young, see me, they come over and say 'yo, Jah Moore, keep it up', and mi feel good fi know say it a gwaan," he said.

Other songs previously released by Hi Moore are "Wilderness" and "Broken Heart".He recently shot a video for 'Go Sonny', an inspirational song on a hip hop-R & B song from producers in Switzerland.

He is now a part of the Makalon family, a team of persons who are dedicated towards doing great music.

"Right now, the whole ah Hanover and Negril ah talk about this man, just his whole 'livity' as a rasta, and his music, and his live performances, ah straight bands him work with, crowds gather when he is doing rehearsals, him no normal. In a few months, Europe will want to see him," Kushites, a member of Hi-Moore's management team, said.