Eek-A-Mouse to be deported

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Popular eighties reggae artiste Eek-a-Mouse is facing legal problems in the United States.

Eek-a-Mouse is reportedly being deported from Paraguay to the USA where he will then face extradition to North Carolina on 4-year-old charges.

Reports are that Eek-a-mouse left the US sometime after his arrest on rape and narcotics charges in August of 2008.

He insisted he was innocent but misses a court date due to a flight cancellation.

It was then reported that Superior Court Judge Jerry Tillett issued a warrant for Eek-a-mouse's arrest with a US$ 1 million bond for failure to appear.

Eek-a-Mouse was found in Paraguay on November 21 without a proper visa.

Police said as of Thursday, the reggae artiste was in custody awaiting extradition to North Carolina from Florida.