Court case against Bounty Killer dismissed

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Artiste Bounty Killa whose given name is Rodney Pryce, has been freed of gun charges.

Prosecutors withdrew the charges, following the testimony of the complainant, who is a member of the police force.

The prosecutor told the court he was withdrawing the charges, based on the testimony of the policeman and the contradictions of the statements in his possession.

As a result, Bounty Killa and his co-accused Calis Bowen, were released by Justice Martin Gayle.

The two were charged in 2009, with illegal possession of a firearm, assault and unlawful wounding, following a ruling by the Director of Public Prosecutions, (DPP).

Reports are that in 2007, the Constable was driving his vehicle in the business district of New Kingston when he drove up to a group of men, including Bounty Killa, who had used their vehicles to block sections of St Lucia Avenue.

The policeman signalled the men to move and a confrontation developed where it is reported that Bounty Killa pulled a firearm and pointed it at the policeman.

Bounty Killer, whose visa was revoked years ago saud he hoped that this new development would help to expedite the process of recovering his visa.