Uncle suspects foul play in 9 year old death

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Nine year old Samantha Anderson, of May Day Manchester was found dead in a Tank on Saturday. She was reported missing on Friday, she left the Old England Primary School for home but she never made it there, instead she was found in a tank and all her clothes were found beside the tank. David Forbes, the uncle of the deceased suspects that the child was killed elsewhere and her body dumped in the tank.

Forbes says it is obvious that there is some sort of foul play, as Samantha's uniform, school bag with her books, her shoes and underwear, were all dry when they found them around 11:00 on Saturday morning however there was heavy rain in the area on Friday.

The distraught uncle said relatives on the scene also suspected foul play in the death of the little one.

Samantha will be remembered as a polite little girl who was apart of her school and church choir.