Review of Evolution Riddim

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Hemp Higher Productions has a hit on its hands with the release of the Evolution riddim which has a United Nations feel with artistes who are pulled from a variety of countries all over the world: France, Jamaica, Guadeloupe, and even Haiti.

As the name indicates, this project reflects an evolution of reggae music and introduces a selection of some of the best young artistes out there, from Jamaica and abroad!. The riddim leads off with UK dancehall ambassador, Gappy Ranks drops a song for the ladies in his unique singing style. He croons: "Treat her like a lady", as he serenades women in a deliciously sweet love song.

Guadeloupean-born heavy hitter Cali P also delivers the goods with the syrupy-sweet 'Sweetest Thing', a song carved in reggae oak and dedicated to the love of his life, his daughter. He uses his brilliant recording style to bring across a message that every parent will be able to relate to.

Red hot rookie Masicka has been raising evebrows with his unique metaphors and witty deejay style. His inclusion on this compilation introduces him to the European market and his plaintive, 'Why Mi a Work?' impresses from start to finish. Another artiste to watch for is Jahmiel who declares "Fly again", an inspiring monster of a song that focusses on the hardships faced by most people even while he attempts to motivate them to never give up, to rage on even against insurmountable odds. Fly again, he exhults, fly again.

This excellent production is rounded out by UK's rising reggae star, Randy Valentine, Trinidad's brilliant and talented Umi Marcano and French artist CHARLY B who all lay down sweet love songs which are guaranteed lady-pleasers, that will spike the temperature in the bedroom a little higher.

Other artiste to look out for include Di Govanah whose song, "Take a Good Look Around" is a reality song which will certainly remind most people on how important it is to live life in the right path and to not go astray whlie Jah Rain touches a nerve with the 'Lift Me Up", a brilliantly conceived conscious song. Jah Rain's energetic delivery about his faith and the support he gets from the most high in his every day life is truly inspiring.

Two of Guadeloupe's most talented artists Tiwony and Misye Sadik collaborate on the song "Awété pléwé penn" which will be a universal crowd pleaser whether you understand French or not, the melodies alone will captivate your ears. Another French artist appearing on the selection is SIR SAMUEL (formerly from SAIAN SUPA CREW) who features with young swiss artiste, Messager on the amazing track "Sans répit".

Last but far from least, one of Haiti's most talented artists lays down "Rejwi" - a captivating love song in his native Créole - talking about the joys and happinesses of being in a relationship and love.

As you must have realised by now, this album is a love-filled album, with a selection of some of the best talents in the local and international industry.

The production house's previous release was Cali P's album, 'Unstoppable' which entered the iTunes Reggae Top 10 charts in US, Canada and Switzerland. This is yet another winner for Hemp Higher Productions. Go get it.

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