Items donated to Olga Mendez Basic School

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Last Friday, Indru Khemlani from American Jewelry company donated beds, mattresses, a fridge, a stove and cooking gas to the lunch programme at the Olga Mendez Basic School. The school is 1a Windward Road.

Mr Khemlani read to the children, after which they sang for him. The staff also hugged him expressing their gratitude for the new items. Mr Khemlani also committed his continued support to the lunch programme.

Ms D. Cole, who has been committed to this school for about ten years, was overwhelmed by the donations and looks forward to building more relationships of this nature.

The stationery was donated by Tamara Bejar, Sam Crespo and Damon Gales from Atlantic Records.

According to Cole, she is humbled by the donations.

"We are humbled by their generous donations during these challenging financial times. It is due to donations like these that help us continue on to sow the seeds &assist those that are facing challenging times," she said.