Cop kills pregnant woman

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A 27 year old pregnant woman was allegedly shot and killed by a police officer in Yallahs St. Thomas on Saturday. Reports are three sisters had returned from down town Kingston, where they had gone to do some back to school shopping for their children, and Kayann was heard using expletives while explaining to her cousin that she was robbed of cellphone and money while she was out shopping. The officer reprimanded Kayann about the expletives, it's alleged that Kayann told the officer that 'badword" is used by everyone including the police but this response did not sit well with the officer. He then tried to arrest her and she resisted, he held on to her right hand and was pulling her to the station, the sisters tried to protest this behavior buit it was to no avail. Two sisters were shot, Kayann fatally.

The police involved in the shooting was taken off front line duty and taken into custody yesterday. The family of the dead female doesn't think this is enough and they are still calling on higher authorities to intervene and make sure justice is served.