Bounty Killer vs Tommy Lee

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Leader of the Alliance, Bounty Killer appears to be lashing out against fast rising star Tommy Lee Sparta because of his lyrical content.

Tommy Lee rose to prominence with his unique sound and style. His songs often times evoke a feeling of fear among persons because of his 'demonic' lyrics.

Bounty Killer tweeted a link in reference to the 'Sparta' persona that Tommy Lee dons.

"All a who a call dem self "SPARTA" Click this Rassc**** Tell Mi If Unu A "SPARTA" Again zeen?" Bounty Killer tweeted, citing a link that associates the 'Sparta' ideology to homosexuality.

It seems as though the feud will spill over into a sting confrontation.

"Christmas is 4 Christ so nuh demon or devil cyaah win we a bloodcl*** all a dem a dead a Sting!!!" he said. "Mi nuh business who waah agree or disagree, i care zero mi naah look nuh support god blessed me enuff 4 me to put it all on the line 4 his cause any thing opposed GOD'S word mi and dem bumbocl**** God have him Killer to inna the name of Jesus i wash dem in dem own blood now!!!"

Tommy Lee stated that he had no comment on the matter and that he would not be disrespecting Bounty Killer.