4 killed in Montego Bay

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Gunmen went on a rampage in St. James on Wednesday night, leaving four people including two pregnant women dead. The deceased were identified as 36-year-old Ash-Marie Plummer, also called Theresa, and 73-year-old Alvin Reid, both of Granville, St James; Shantell Davis, 19, and Easton Chambers, 36, also called Brian, of Dundee, Maroon Town, in this parish.

It is reported that around 9:30pm Davis and Chambers, were at the jerk shop they operated in Maroon Town when they were attacked by gunmen. When the shooting ended patrons found both suffering from gunshot wounds, they were taken to Cornwall Regional Hospital where they were pronounced dead. Davis is said to have been nine months pregnant.

In a separate incident Plummer and Reid were shot in Guns lane in Granville when armed men opened fire on a group of persons playing Bingo at a shop in the area. They were pronounced dead at the Cornwall Regional hospital. Plummer was playing Bingo while the elderly man walked into the line of fire. Plummer was two months pregnant.

Commander of the Area one police Division, Assistant commissioner of police Devon Watkis said early indications point to the lottery scam. He was quick to explain that the persons killed were not necessarily a part of the lottery scam but family members might be involved.

These four murders have pushed up the murder tally in the St James police division to 117, since the start of the year, representing an increase of 11 over the same period last year.