Tufton's identity stolen

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Jamaica Labour Party senator Dr. Christopher Tufton has become the latest victim in the case of identity theft. Scammers hacked into his email and tried to fleece his contacts of money. He only found out about the hacking after he started getting calls from friends who had received an email from his account stating that he was robbed during a 'family vacation' in Madrid, Spain and needed cash to clear his hotel bills. 

A number of his contacts responded to the email out of curiosity, and they were instructed by the scammers to send the money through Western Union to a particular account. They are aware that it is a scam and as such no money was sent to the account. Dr. Tufton has not reported the matter to the police and he is not sure if any of his contacts did either.

Identity theft costs millions of dollars every year, It takes a lot of money and time to recover ones identity.