Snoop Lion tells why he chose Reggae

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Snoop Dogg who recently converted to Snoop Lion says he chose reggae because it is the genre of love, happiness and struggle, said the rapper during the Reincarnated Documentary Press Conference, he also said he wants to expand his musical influence through positive messages.

"I have always wanted to perform for kids, my grandmother and people around the world who really love me and can't accept the music that I make, and this reggae music is music of love, happiness and struggle, and now I get a chance to perform for kids and grandparents. Not that the music in the past never felt good at all; it felt good because it was who I was and it is who I am. But now, as a 40-year-old man in the music industry, the younger artistes call me Uncle Snoop. I gotta give them something now. I can't just keep taking them to the dead-end street and drop-em off," Snoop Lion said.

One of the Marley's (Rohan Marley) was present at the conference and he happily welcomed Snoop Lion to the reggae fraternity. Rohan said music is universal and Jamaica is a part of music, so they really don't separate themselves and they embrace snoop not only through the music but through divine order. He continued to say once people profess a positive vibration and give back to earth and the land and the people and be an instrument of good then they will be well received.

Snoop Lion affirmed that he would give back to Jamaica by initiating developmental projects, because Jamaicans are not lazy and once given the opportunity they will make it happen.