Former Miss Jamaica contestant sex video exposed?

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It seems as though they will never be completely rid of the controversial website 'Jamaican Girls Exposed'. Sources say they have exposed the sexually explicit video of yet another popular person. The video is believed to show sexual act being carried out between a former Miss Jamaica World Contestant and her male partner. The video is accompanied by pictures of the young lady fully clothed.

In the video, the woman's face is not very clear because of the sexual position, making it difficult to identify her as the former Miss Jamaica contestant. However, there is one instance where she can be identified. The website warned that this is only the first part of the video and there is more to come.

A few months ago naked pictures of recording artiste Denyque were posted on the website .The singer had said that she was asked to pay $50,000 to have her nude photographs removed, however, she reported the matter to the police and the website was later shut down.

It later resurfaced in June and exposed nude pictures of persons alleged to work at large corporate institutions as well as university students.

They made it very clear that exposing Jamaican girls would not stop and now that it has resurfaced (in the earlier part of August) it appears that the culprits have kept their promise.

The police, says that the persons behind the website can be charged with breaches of the Anti-Piracy Act, and extortion for making demands to have the images removed from the website.