Electricity Bills will Decrease By 10 Per Cent This Month

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The Jamaica Public Service (JPS) customers will this month see a 10 per cent decrease in their bills because of the significant drop in fuel charges.

According to the utility company fuel and IPP charge on August bill will be $16.75 per kilowatt-hour, as opposed to $20.44 in July.

Customers who use 200 Kilo Watt hour per month will be paying a little less than $700 for their electricity Bill this month. The reduction in the fuel and IPP charge is attributed to the Petrojam rebate for the overcharge on fuel purchased by the Jamaica Power Company coupled with the new efficiency heat rate target set by the Office of the Utilities Regulation (OUR).

The new heat rate target which takes effect this month is a measurement of the efficiency with which fuel is converted to electricity.