Daryl Vaz in court today

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Daryl Vaz cabinet minister and member of parliament for West Portland is expected to face the court today where he is likely to be charged with perverting the court of justice. It is understand that a business man (Vaz's close friend) was stopped by police on the Sir Florizel Glaspole Boulevard in Kingston on April 9th for speeding. The business man was taking family members to the airport. He was asked for his car documents, when the sergeant opened the papers he found $2000 amongst them. The sergeant was of the belief that the money was being used to bribe him and he went on to inform his colleague, who was a member of the team at the time. The businessman was subsequently accused of trying to bribe a police officer and was taken to a police station where he was arrested, then offered station bail. It was during this time that the police sergeant is said to have received a number of phone calls from various persons, including Vaz, enquiring about the arrest. A number of senior police officers were among those who tried to assist the businessman. The Sergeant sought the advice of a former police officer, who told him to approach a serving officer that should be able to solve the issue. That serving police officer turned out to be the senior superintendent who, after being approached by the sergeant, sought to assist by getting the businessman to change his initial decision to take legal action against the police.

Vaz said he categorically deny doing anything wrong and he through his attorney, Mr George Soutar QC.