Car dealer murdered

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Michael Rochester, 27 year old, was found with his throat slashed along the Spur Tree main road. It is believed that his throat was slashed by men pretending to want to purchase the Toyota Carolla car that he had advertised for sale. Michael met the potential buyers and took them for a test drive as a precondition for sale, while driving along Spur Tree they slashed his throat and threw him from the car.

The Area three police were quick in their response and as such the suspect were apprehended. As news of the murder spread, the police coordinated their resources and went on the hunt for those responsible for the brutal murder of the St. Elizabeth Used Car dealer, Michael Rochester. The police held one of the suspects in Spur Tree and the other two were held in a car in Toll Gate, Clarendon.

Two cars and the firearm found in one of the vehicles are now in police custody and the men are being questioned.