Buju's Appeal Denied

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The lawyer for reggae superstar Buju Banton  has vowed to continue fighting for his friend. David Oscar Markus says he will be appealing the decision of federal judge, James Moody, to deny the request for a retrial of the artiste on drug charges. The artiste, whose real name is Mark Myrie filed for a new trial after he lost the appeal against the 10-year prison sentence that he is currently serving. Mr Markus said he plans on appealing again and he will take it to the Supreme Court if he must but he will never stop fighting for his friend and brother.

In June, the United States Court of Appeal rejected all the claims in the Grammy-winning entertainer's appeal and sided with prosecutors. The appeals court did say the trial judge could possibly consider retrying the matter, but it did agree with the jury's decision to find the entertainer guilty on the firearm charge.

Now that the Atlanta Appeals Court has ruled that there is sufficient evidence to convict Buju on gun charge, he will now go back to court for a new sentencing hearing where he faces the possibility of an additional five years in prison.

In 2011 a jury found Buju guilty of drugs and gun charges but Judge Moody did not sentence him on the gun charge because the Buju had never met or spoken with James Mack, his co-accused who was held with the gun.

Buju's lawyer challenged the ruling but the Appeals Court upheld the decision while sending the matter back to the lower court to decide if Buju should be retried.