Bolt asked to pose nude

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Usain Bolt was asked to pose nude for the 2012 ESPN Magazine. Bolt may be comfortable doing all sorts of gimmicks in front millions of people but he doesn't seem to be comfortable to bear it all, as he turned down the request to pose nude for the magazine. This year's edition of the magazine had a lot of people talking, as it featured semi nude United States athletes Carmelita Jeter and Walter Dix.

This is not the first time they have approached Bolt, however he is the only Jamaican athlete they have eyes on. Neely Lohmann, senior deputy editor of the magazine said that they focus on American athletes but because Bolt is such a superstar they had to try for him, but Bolt is not comfortable posing nude. His publicist Carole Beckford said that Bolt is one of the finest athletes and his marketing team feels that posing nude wont enhance or grow his brand.