Aidonia and Tommy Lee Shell 'Dream Live' (Coppershot 18th Anniversay Party)

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Mi sey Dream Weekend is off to a good start! So laas night Aidonia and Tommy Lee shell out Negril. Aidonia show dem sey him bad anyweh but Negril a did definitely fi him laas night. Den mi waan know a wah mek Tommy Lee did affi mash up the people dem place suh? Is like the artiste waan dem know sey him can shell anyweh nuh ongle Mo-Bay........maaaaaddddd!!

Papi look like him reign soon over cause people a complain sey dem tiad fi see him cum pon stage and just a point inna the crowd like him blind. Him management team cyaah teach him how fi perform and find him a proper hair dresser?

It sad sey Octane sick out, but it seem like a did good news fi Khago cuase a him dem affi call fi come fill the space. Khago neva so bad either. All in All Dream Live shellllllll............Happy 18th Anniversary Coppershot!