US citizens linked to lottery scam arrested!

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Reports are that more arrests have been made in the United States in connection with the Jamaican lottery scam.

Two residents of St. Louis, Missouri are facing sentencing in October after pleading guilty to the scam which targets retirees from across the US.

The authorities say 32-year-old Andre DePass and 24-year-old Jayneise Hampton pleaded guilty yesterday to several charges.

A third suspect, 33-year-old Nollis Hudson of Montego Bay, St. James remains at large.

Court documents say Mr. Hudson phoned retirees and told them they had won the Jamaican lottery, but needed to electronically transmit or mail funds to pay the taxes on their prize.

He allegedly used personal information from the retirees to obtain Social Security funds through prepaid debit cards.

Federal prosecutors say DePass and Hampton kept 20 percent of the money and wired the rest to Mr. Hudson in Jamaica.