Traffic Amnesty database being cross-checked to remove errors

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The Government recently announced a six month tax amnesty. The amnesty will protect motorists with outstanding traffic tickets issued before September 21, 2010. The amnesty was designed to cut the overwhelming backlog of unpaid traffic ticket fines.

Whole heap a people vex bout dis Amnesty ting.

Whole heap a driver a complain because dem say dem pay dem traffic tickets so dem nuh understand how dem a check the system and it a say dem still owe Government money.

Whole heap a people a complain say a rob Government a try rob poor people and ting.

Government officials say by the end of the week the problems with the database for the traffic ticket amnesty should be addressed.

Director of Communications at the TAJ, Meris Haughton says a team from the ministry of National Security is cross checking the data base to ensure errors are corrected.