Potential Kidd accused of Scamming American promoters

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Fast-rising Dancehall star, Potential Kidd could soon be facing his own share of legal woes as the deejay stand accused by an American promoter of stealing money.

Dwayne 'Garry Dreamaz' Grant, a New Jersey based promoter insists that Potential Kidd, his booking agent and manager scammed multiple event planners in the United States for large sums of money. Reportedly, promoters have substantial evidence of these alleged scams; showing signed contracts and receipts that were sent to members of Potential Kidd's team despite the fact that the A Yah So Nice deejay could not travel to the United States, while also revealing that the artiste never informed them of his inability to fly to the North American country.

Grant intimated that he had dialogue with Potential Kidd and his team since April when he secured the deejay's services for shows on July 13 and 14 in New York and New Jersey respectively where they agreed on a sum of US$6,300 for both shows.

In a press release, Grant stated that "Back in April, I was introduced to Theresa Small of Terri Booking Agency by a friend. As to what I was told, she is the booking agency for Dwayne Taylor aka Potential Kid. I spoke to Theresa back in April and she told me nothing is guarantee until a deposit was made."

"After I sent the money, Theresa introduced me to Angeletta who is Dwayne Taylor's manager. I spoke to her and she asked me about the deposit, so I told her I sent the money to Theresa... Two months later Jason and I sent another US$600 to put towards airfare. My date [for the show] was July 14, 2012 but five days before I was told he did not have a visa for the USA, I was told he will be going to immigration but to my understanding, he did not go. Even up to the day before the events on Friday and Saturday, Potential Kid had not yet made an appearance at immigration to obtain a visa and work permit."

According to reports, two other promoters fell victim to this alleged scam; one of them being Ageable Jason of Boomerang Promotions, who intimated that he went through a similar process with Potential Kidd.

"Basically, we send the money for Potential Kid for a date on July 13 to perform at a venue in the Bronx named Best Party Place aka Social Gathering Palace. After we sent all the money I was supposed to then wait for a while for a commercial when the artist supposed to be in New York July 6, because he supposed to perform on the 7th in Mount Vernon. So after I found out he wasn't coming for the 6th, I was informed that he didn't get his work permit as yet but I was guaranteed by his manager that he will get it for the show on the 13th in New York and the 14th in New Jersey. So as days go by, we keep getting put off. 'Tomorrow, tomorrow' we will get the latest news. So finally Wednesday into Thursday, after we spend up all our money to go on the road, to promote on radio stations, paying people to promote, rent club, etc. we found out that he wasn't coming because he don't have a visa and etc." he said.

As a result, Grant insists that he intends to sue Potential Kidd and his team for their alleged actions. Furthermore, he revealed that Potential Kidd's manager, Angeletta called him on July 17, claiming that she will refund the money but that it will take some time due to the fact that the deejay is broke.

Grant later spoke to Potential Kidd, who vehemently denied the allegations, insisting that his manager lied and that she stole the promoter's money.

Nevertheless, Grant insists that he's pursuing legal action against Potential Kidd and his team not just because of money, but due to principle as he feels that it's unfair for this happen to so many promoters. According to Grant, with the help of Jamaican PR agent, Lesley Hayles who helped parlay his story as well as a prominent entertainment lawyer that's he's hired, he will retrieve all that has been stolen from him.