London Police cancel potential Kidd Concert

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The Metropolitan police were forced to lock down a show featuring Potential Kidd at the Da Boss Nightclub at Woolwich High Street in London, England on Monday night after the cramped, overcrowded conditions became dangerous for the partygoers themselves.

"The club has a capacity of 2000 persons, and the club was rampacked, and there were at least as many people outside as inside so the police were called in to lock it off because the club was overcrowded," Potential Kidd's manager, Angeletta McKenzie sad during an international call on the night the show.
Potential Kidd is in the middle of a 14-gig tour of the United Kingdom that will see him perform at clubs in Nottingham, Birmingham, London, and Brixton over the next couple of weeks.

Potential Kidd burst on the dancehall scene like a surface-to-air missile earlier this year, scorching the airwaves with his catchy singalong single, A Yah Suh Nice, and its raunchier version was a monster hit on mixtapes all over the island. He followed up that success with 'Urgency' which racked up over 200,000 hits on youtube.

He then inked a one-year recording deal with VP Records on the strength of his popularity in the underground dancehall market. He suffered a bit of a PR blowback when telecommunications LIME giant cancelled the artiste's involvement in a Champs promotion which would have required the artiste performing at a school concert because of the suggestive content of the unedited version of Kidd's single Ah Yah So Nice.

Since then, the artiste has redoubled his efforts in the recording studio to follow up on the success of A Yah Suh Nice. He has a slew of new singles which include God a Come Dung, Mi Tink a Foreign, Tight Tight, How Many Time and Love Mi Mamma.