Pregnant Trinidadian Woman Mauled by Dogs

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Thirty-six year old Kurleen Cooper, who is 5 months pregnant, underwent emergency surgery yesterday to save her arm after she was mauled by three dogs two mixed with the pitbull breed in Trinidad.

She was walking home after taking her children to school when one of the dogs reportedly ran out from a house and charged at her.

The two other dogs reportedly followed and leapt on Cooper and knocked her down.

The dogs reportedly tore the flesh off her left arm and bit her on the head, hands, inner leg, left ear and stomach.

She tried to fight them off and was rescued by a passerby and residents from the area.

She was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital. Her condition is listed as serious.

The Trinidad Express Newspaper reports that she told doctors that she is not feeling the baby.

They checked and reportedly said there was movement.