Prominent doctor in Standpipe area arrested for allegedly performing abortion - by Buffilous

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People a wha really a gwaan inna di country? Mi tired fi ask unuh dis. Mi hear pon news last week say a prominent Doctor inna di Standpipe area inna jail because him do an abortion pon a likkle school girl and it never do good so her people dem go hospital and Police get involved and di Doctor get lock up.

Di Doctor say nutten nuh go so, but mi also hear pon di shout say it look like the Doctor and di young girl did inna tings and maybe a did fi him baby. Woooiiiiii, no sah, a wha wrong wid dem big, crusty, gray back man yah. Why dem nuh go look dem age. And why dem school girl yah no take dem book and stop feature man??

No sah, it nuh sound good at all and mi hope a lie because trust me, dem school girl ya a gwaan bad and not to mention the big man dem. Only young girl dem want, it look like say if you over 30 nuff big man nuh want you. 

God a come fi him world, because unuh a behave too bad down yah