Lesbian attack male student on Uwi Campus!!

We have received reports of that a female attacked a male student because she suspected him of sleeping with her 'woman'. According to sources, residents of a particular top Hall at the University Of The West Indies Mona were awaken in the early hours of the morning by banging sounds coming from a particular room on a block/cluster. When they went out to investigate it was found that an angry female (said to be a lesbian) was using a stone to bang on the door of a male resident demanding that he released her partner from his room.

Minutes later the male came out of the room, a tussle ensued and he managed to get the stone from the lesbian. She was not very pleased and as such she left and came back with reinforcements, which came in the form of campus security and some fellow lesbian friends. This time they would have a verbal altercation, during which the police was summoned and both the male and female were taken into a room and questioned.

The police later released them and the female at the centre of the altercation was accompanied to her room by her female lover, the male has decided not to press charges but he was pretty shaken up by the incident.

According to some students these incidents are becoming too frequent and something needs to be done about it ASAP.