Flexxx and Vado at Odds?

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Ever since Flexxx released the single Real Gangsta on the Aurora Skies rhythm, rumours have been circulating that it is a diss song aimed at members of the Gully Squad.

While members of the Gully side refused to comment about the matter, Flexxx had no qualms in speaking about the issue. Flexxx, whose real name is Omar Henry, said, He honestly just did a song and if they wish to see it as a diss well that's their business. He further went o to say Chase Cross and Mavado have been saying a lot of things and he is no weak fence, therefore if they seem it fit to throw words then he will do the same.

Flexxx believes that the song 'Action Pack' done by Mavado is aimed at him as well as Chase Cross has been doing songs criticising him. "Dem a say me sell out fi BMW. Mavado sell out everybody round him, a dat dem fi talk bout. Dem nah talk bout the real thing. Di least little thing dem talk bout bad mind."

Flexxx, who is now signed to Hapilos Entertainment, says since he has been signed to the group, his career has taken a turn for the better. He made it clear that Gully Side and Gully Squad has never done anything for him. 'Dem say mi sell out because mi sign to Hapilos, but him sign to We The Best wid DJ Khaled so him sell out to. The two a we sell out den,'

According to Flexxx he does not wish to reconcile with a nayone as he did not sell out anyone and he is good with God and himself so it matters not what anyone else wants to say.