Top-rank cops implicated in customs vehicle racket

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There is an ongoing investigation by the Revenue Protection Division into the illegal sale of imported motor vehicles by the Customs Department. According to reports, a top-ranking police officer implicated in the case is likely to be charged soon.

The Senior Officer has reportedly sought the legal services of a team of attorneys led by Jacqueline Samuels-Brown and Christopher Townsend. The RPD recently seized one of the imported vehicles from the senior cop. Supporters of the senior cop are worried, as they believe his stellar and unblemished record in the Jamaica Constabulary Force could be seriously tarnished, if he's charged. It's understood that investigators from the civilian-led RPD also tried to collect a statement from another "very senior member of the force", who rebuffed their approach.

Sources say other officers in the rank of Superintendent, Senior Superintendent, and Assistant Commissioner are also under investigation by the RPD. Last week, the man at the center of the alleged racket, Omar Guyah, was released on three million dollars bail.

Guyah, the head of the Contraband Enforcement Team and the senior Principal Customs Officer, was arrested two weeks ago, following an investigation into the illegal sale of imported motor vehicles by the Customs Department. Officials of the RPD have disclosed that they have encountered "major resistance" since they commenced the investigation.

Guyah, who is now under house arrest, is to return to court on March 23.