Student gets teacher pregnant

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Parents are calling for disciplinary action after a female teacher is said to be pregnant for one of her male students at a high school and has reportedly sparked controversy in eastern Jamaica with some parents calling for immediate disciplinary action to be taken.

According to reports, residents of the community in which the school is located have been calling for the school to relieve the teacher of her post since it was recently revealed who is the father of her child, however, there has been no move at the institution to charge the teacher for professional misconduct or to take any other disciplinary action.

The inaction of the school has led parents to carry their complaints to the School Board. It is reported that word of the pregnancy got out after the student father declared that the child was his. The student and the teacher are said to have been friends for a period of time and were spotted in very close intimate positions by other students.

Parents and community members are pleading for the board to take action against both teacher and student so that the tarnished reputation of the school can be repaired.