Some man just love groupie - by Buffilous

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It look like say some man just love groupie. Nuh care how dem have a nice, decent, ambitious woman by dem side, dem just always love hitch up back pon the groupie dem.

It look when dem hear how much man pass through a woman, that the woman is more in demand, so dem haffi join the line fi get a place too.

When dem hear say all a dem friend, dem enemy and even dem relative sleep wid di girl, dem still want a place inna di line.

How some a unuh man stay so?? A so unuh love go where other men have gone?? Unuh need fi explain it to me. Some a unuh bun out groupies inna unuh song but a dem alone unuh feature inna unuh bed.

Especially some a dem artistes yaw he love share woman... one set of girls whe pass through every artiste. The artiste dem know say everybody sleep wid dem, but dem just cannot give up the opportunity fi go sleep wid dem too. Is like some of them groupie yah have gold mine or some a unuh man just nuh have nutten bout unuh.