Rat infestation close Calabar High School

A pack of rats has swarmed the Calabar High School forcing a temporary suspension of classes at the all-boys institution.

Principal Major Lincolm Thaxter, explained that the school had always struggled with a rat problem, but that the problem has worsened over the past few days. Thaxter revealed. "They (rats) were in the trees they were in the staffroom, the drawers and, of course, there's always that threat of leptospirosis."

Parents were informed via letters, email and text messages that the school would be closed from Wednesday to Friday "due to ongoing maintenance".It did not specify the rodent situation but Thaxter said the school community was informed verbally.

Thaxter said there were no reports of any boys getting sick and that the exterminators were currently doing a full inspection of the school grounds at night, identifying nest areas and setting bait for the rodents.

The principal said that during the inspection, the largest nesting ground was found in an old at swimming pool the back of the institution. He assured parents that garbage was collected daily, so the rat infestation was not an indication of an unclean environment."The pest-control people have assured us that this is adequate time to deal with the problem."

Thaxter estimated that clearing up the rat problem could cost upwards of $100,000, but said he felt confident the school's parent-teacher association and the old boys' network would offer any assistance required."We regret that we had to take this decision but the safety of the students, teachers and the workers came first," he said.