Mavado speaks about his non-show in New Jersey

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Dancehall superstar Mavado has finally broken his silence on his non-show for a performancein New Jersey on March 10th. According to Mavado, he was looking forward to thrilling his New Jersey fans, where he had not performed for 3 years. The event, Grammy Kid's Anniversary, was well promoted and the buzz around the show was good.  Early  management team have implimented contractual obligations and promoter screening systems to ensure that payment of performance fee is no longer an issue and indeed there was no issue around promoters LKQ Entertainment not paying the Artist fee. Mavado was well rested, focused and looking forward to giving a great show.

Mavado had worked with the promoter on a prior occasion and whilst things were not as smooth as one would have liked, in terms of organisation, the previous event was overall a success and the decision was taken to move ahead with the event in New Jersey. However these organisational issues were once again quickly evident on the night of March 10. The promoter of the event told Mavado's travel party that pickup time was midnight, to arrive at the venue no later than 12.30am, go on stage @ 1am and perform for an hour to comply with opening hours. Daylight saving time was kicking in in the early hours of Sunday morning, which meant the clocks were to go forward at 2am, making it immediately 3am. Mavado readied himself to be picked up at midnight as instructed, only to be told that his management had received a call from LKQ Entertainment that new pick up time was 1am. Wary of the time change and the potential for Mavado's fans to be cheated out of a full performance, Mavado's management were perturbed and as time ticked by as they waited in the hotel lobby sent out this Tweet: "1.40am an we still waitin for promoter to send vehicle to pick us up, so if u in the club in Jersey dnt bex wid the artist for goin on late."

Suspicions quickly became reality as several calls to the promoter resulted in more confusion and what seemed to be pointless lies; "Police moved on the drivers from in front of the hotel," "Police have pulled him over," "They are outside," were just some of the excuses being given by the promoter as to why the vehicles were not at the hotel to pick up the Artist. Mavado, support acts, security, DJ and his management were in the lobby of the hotel for 2 hours waiting and despite being told that the drivers were outside on more than a dozen occasions they were nowhere to be seen.  Calls from people inside Palladium were telling of more disorganisation at the club - no liquor license had been granted for the event so the NJPD informed the promoter he could not sell a drop of alcohol inside the event, much to the chagrin of the partygoers who had come to have a good time.

Finally, as the clock ticked to 3am more calls from patrons inside the club told management that the police were now there and were about to shut it down. Lo and behold the drivers suddenly appeared down the block, having "pulled up outside the wrong hotel." It took them approximately another 10 minutes just to pull round the block by which time the event had been shut down for good. Mavado had no choice but to call it a night.

Mavado is deeply sorry for the hundreds of fans that came out in the cold to support him, paid up to $70 to enter the event, did not get to see him perform and have up to now not been refunded. At this point his management team are considering taking legal action against LKQ Entertainment on a number of grounds and strongly urge anyone with a ticket stub to return to the outlet they purchased it from and demand a full refund.

As for Mavado performing in New Jersey, plans are currently being finalised to stage an event to appease his fans. Details of this will be announced as soon as plans become concrete. We are still baffled as to the reasons why the promoter couldn't get his act together and simply pick up the Artist on time and deliver the advertised package. Mavado regrets the non-performance but he hopes this explanation will help his fans and the patrons that night to understand that it was absolutely due to circumstances beyond his control.