Man puts pepper spray on cheating girlfriend's douche - by Buffilous

Mi fren like mi the other day and tell me say she a have a likkle man pon the side. She say she go Joe Grind yard and then come home and use the douche and then give her man a likkle piece.

One day she leave the douche inna the bathroom so that when she come home she can just hurry and use it befor hussy ketch her. After she go Joe Grind yard and cut a likkle piece and reach back now, she go inna the bathroom fi go use the douche. One mind tell her say fi use her teeth and open it, when she do dat, a pure pepper inna her mouth.

It look like her husband realize wha gwaan and just dash pepper pon her douche. Suppose she did just put it inna her coochie??

A how some man stay so?? It nah go have no use to nobody after unuh pepper it!! A so it sweet him make him all waan mash it up?? No sah, if she a give you bun and u caan manage it then just leave the woman and gwaan!! Some a unuh man just come fi mash up people life and coochie!!!