Kes and Appleton dust up mas camp

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Last Friday's 'Martian Dust Up', the second installment in Bacchanal Jamaica's Future Shock series saw all revelers out in full company, ready to take the intergalactic ride known as Kes The Band. Courtesy of Appleton Rum Special, Kes the Band took all 'Bacchanalist' to another Bacchanal dimension.

Opening up with Precision Whine, the Kes dancers launched on to the stage. Whining and gyrating in their bright costumes the trio got the crowd into frenzy as they awaited Kes' front man and Soca Commander Kes Dieffenthaller to take the stage. Kes the Band did not disappoint, giving the revelers the ride of their lives with their hits like 'Where Yuh From', 'Stress Away', 'Ah Ting' and "Coming Over". They also covered crowd favorites 'Bacchanalist' and 'Palance'.

"After a high energy Carnival in Trinidad, Jamaica really is a good follow up. The energy is so unique, so fresh, it feels great! I love Jamaica so much. And I thank Appleton for making all a this possible!" said the Band's front man, Kes, shortly after they left the stage.

Marketing Manager for Rums at Wray & Nephew, Cecil Smith, expressed that Appleton has had a beautiful partnership with Bacchanal Jamaica, sponsoring them for over 10 years: "Seeing the revelers having a good time, responsibly, while drinking Appleton, is one of the best things about our partnership over the years." he said.