Good turn out for mama Ivy's funeral

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Mi haffi say big respect to all the artiste dem  whe come out and support Miss Ivy funeral Mi see Luciano, Shaggy, Bridgez, Stacious, Kiprich, Spice and whole heap more.

Mama Ivy get a proper send off and mi love how the artiste dem come out and support Killa. Big up to Beenie Man, mi see you at the funeral. It just shows how much of a big man you are, you nah hold nuh grudge, ya go support Killa mother ting same way! Mi rate dat!

Big up to D'Angel too, you go out and support Miss Ivy funeral and support Bounty. Real big woman move dat!! Mi give you ratings fid at Angel cuz nuff woman never did a go do dat!!

But speaking of which, mi hear nuff people a talk and say how dem nuh see the Gully Gad at the funeral. It look him did a tour and ting make him couldn't reach. But anyway, it was a good service, good turn out from  the Industry people dem. Big ups to the General Bounty Killer. Gwaan hold the faith.