Gay tenants anger neighbours

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Tenants who reside at an apartment complex in upper St Andrew are hoping to be rescued from the presence of a group of homosexual occupants who they say are menacing.

The frustrated residents said they can no longer live among the six effeminate males who they say reside in an apartment designed to accommodate two persons.

According to the residents, these men are in violation of the rules as there is a clause in the community document titled 'The Rules of the Proprietors' Strata Plan', which states that " apartments are not  to be occupied by more than two persons on a permanent basis'.

Meanwhile, tenants say they want something to be done immediately because they can no longer stomach the distasteful activities of the six. Additionally, reports are that the men walk about throughout the apartment dressed in female underwear having no consideration for others who may find the sight disturbing.

The residents say they have made complaints to the landlandy but nothing has been done so far.