Club owner's wife beats employees??! - by Buffilous

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A wha dis mi a hear??? A how people a talk say one Club owner wife a beat the employees dem? Some people nuh want call no name but mi hear say a Corey Todd wife.

According to wha mi hear, the wife will be charged by the Police for unlawful wounding,  after two a di worker dem go lodge complaint say she a beat dem up and mash up dem face and all dese tings.

Mi all  hearsay a nuh di first time she a fling lick pon the people dem, dem say a regular she beat up di employee dem. But wha mi want know is, a wha di people dem do you make you a beat dem? You a behave like a you a dem madda. Duppy know who fi frighten cuz you couldn't do dem tings di wid certain people.

Mi hear di people dem a talk and say you fi memba when you husband did come pon tv come talk up di bagga tings say the DJ did a beat selector inna the club and now you come take up the same bad habit.

It nuh look good at all!!!!