Beware of Con Men

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People, mi a warn unuh fi be careful of the con man dem. Especially some of you ladies who a look fi married and settle down, because some a dem man ya now a days a wicked. Di online dating ting is not fi everybody.

My friend went on an online dating website, and she met this nice young man. Di man tell her say him ready fi settle down and how him have him tings and she nah go haffi work because he will take care of her and all these things.

She and di man start talk good and she give him the key to her house, key to her car, key to her heart. Di mn all introduce her to him Mother and dem get along good good.

Every time she g restaurant wid di man and him mother she realize say when the bill come, the man say him lef him wallet a di yard and di mother say she never carry her purse. Dem style her wicked wicked and she haffi a pay the bill fi the food whe dem come a nyam.

People make me tell unuh dis, man always say woman love likes, but dem ma ya  now adays love likes more than woman. Be careful of the people you meet online because not every one is who they say they are. Sometimes you need fi run background checks on these people. Beware di con man dem!!!!!