2012 a di year fi marriage??!! - by Buffilous

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It look like all a di entertainer dem inna Jamaica a get married. First time no artiste never really waan wife up no woman, now all of a sudden everybody a draw fi a wife, and it look like most a di wife dem have farin papers!!

A wha?? Nobody nuh waan get lock out a farin?! Everybody just a buy ring fling pon finger fi ensure say dem can go over Uncle Sam country go hype and make life.

But mi a warn unuh, please, when unuh a buy ring and plan wedding and all dese tings, keep unuh life discreet! Nuff a unuh say unuh settle down but the people dem out a road see unuh a carry out unuh same ole behaviour and unuh still a visit different people yard and all dese tings!

2012 is the year of marriage it seems... And di entertainer dem a jump pon the bandwagan!!

But mi haffi say congrats to unuh still, because at least unuh a make some man know say them must settle down wid a good woman when dem find her and dem must stop run round. Big up unuhself and big up all a di wifey dem!