Valentine's day drama pon Twitter

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People, a how some man Valentine's day mash up yesterday. Mi deh pon twitter and see a girl a tweet her "man" and say how him fi delete her off BBM. She all look fi the man wife pon twitter and send her some of the messages whe di man a send her bout how him cant live without her and how him love her unconditionally.

People, twitter shell down yesterday. The matie say how the man buy her cheesecake wid di wife money fi her birthday and all these tings. The man start tweet and say how she a liad and how she a try mash up him good good relationship because him nuh want her.

No sah, the matie tell the wife all a di time dem when him come visit her a Portmore and how him have midget tilly and cant do the work good. It look like say the matie never get no Valentine's day gift at all so she jus dash out the man file!!!!!!

Listen, the matie take screenshots of the conversations and send to the wife. The Blackberry ting nuh normal!!! It mash up nuff people life.