Ryno Vs Popcaan???

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Yaaaaoooooowwwww, a wha really a gwaan between Popcaan and Ryno? Ryno says that Popcaan has copied his style, flow and image. Ryno says he is not looking for a lyrical feud but that everybody can see that Popcaan has copied him from the plaits to the dress code. Ryno say him a di original and Popcaan is a knockoff.

Ryno released a counteraction to Popcaan's "Box Pon Jaw" titled "Gaza Beating Stick".  He says that based on the fact that Popcaan has not answered him in a song or in an interview, he believes that Popcaan is scared of him.

Ryno says he is focused on putting out music and setting his foundation because since leaving the Portmore Empire, things have slowed down for him a bit.

It look like the lyrical war out fi start up again.