Persons Disgruntled over Machel's Soca Monarch win?!

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According to reports, some individuals are upset that Machel Montano has walked away with the Soca Monarch title. Many believe that other artistes enter every year but are always denied victory simply because Machel is in the competition.

Some Antiguans & Barbudans have expressed displeasure with local artiste Hard Knaxx's loss at the International Soca Monarch Competition in Trinidad on Friday. Many individuals have been calling in to radio stations expressing their displeasure at this. One caller said: "I think we waste time sending artistes down there to perform. It doesn't make any sense... In a million years they are not going to win anything."

Hard Knaxx himself was also dissatisfied with the show. He conveyed that aspects such as fireworks, confetti and stage lighting were not delivered during his performance. "I see that as not being professional enough at the night of the show, by paying for everything and not getting nothing ... It's like a bias thing," Hard Knaxx said. 

The artiste also claims that although the music was fine in rehearsals it was lacking on the night of the show. However, Hard Knaxx said he does not dwell on the innuendos and remains in high spirits. He is calling the show a "win-win" situation.

"It's a big thing, it's a big achievement, even though I didn't win. Everyone is still a winner," Knaxx said.