Man stabbed at Trini Carnival

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A young man believed to be in his early twenties, was stabbed at the close of Carnival Tuesday's Parade of Bands at Queens Park Savannah.

The victim was seen staggering across the stage bleeding from a wound to his neck and a blow to his head. He was taken to the ICU at the Port of Spain General Hospital. 

According to hospital sources, he was treated and stabilized at the ICU where he was kept overnight. The name of the victim was not released.

Reports are that violence marred the last lap celebrations of the Dream Team band due to inadequate police and army personnel at the Savannah edge at Queen's Park East. According to the police however, the bands were supplied one security guard per ten masqueraders, but many young, intoxicated male bystanders infiltrated the band attracted by the young women revelers.

Executive Committee members of the band stated that they will now be rethinking the presentation of the band and may even be downsizing the band for 2013.