Lisa Hyper heads to England in February

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Dancehall DJ Lisa Hyper is set to embark on a mini tour of England in February. Hyper has also pushed back the release date for her debut album "The Realest Bitch" due to other obligations that would make it difficult for her to promoter her album to the best of her ability

After finishing up her tour in England, Lisa Hyper will head back to Jamaica and then head off to Canada shortly after. The DJ said she is considering to release the album in March when she is able to go "all out" in terms of marketing and promotion.

The artiste is also planning to shoot videos for the lead singles on the album "Power" and "Roll Deep". In a release, Hyper says she will be "auditioning girls for the 'Power' video next Tuesday at King Jammys studio. We are doing two videos, one for Power and the other for Roll Deep, but I need a few girls to spice up the Power video.". 

Lisa says she is now paying greater attention to her health after she was diagnosed last year with stomach ulcers because of her poor eating habits. She says she is currently recording a slew of singles so that she can stay current while she is off the island.

The singles include 'Dem a Kick Up' on Ward 21 new riddim, 'Fly Like a Kite' on the Signature riddim for producer Lena British, and 'Kick Back' on producer Bruce Lee's latest riddim. Hyper says she is putting out the work to make 2012 memorable.